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Project Description
Tools/extensions to Windows Disk Cleanup tool help users free up disk space used by various applications for caching or unused at all.

The Disk CleanUp Tools are released as Windows Installer packages, which require administrative privileges for successful installation (see installation guide for more information). After installation, the cleanup tools can be used by running Disk Cleanup Wizard on any disk (see general usage guide for instructions). If a cleanup tool does not find any files to clean up, it might not show up in the Disk Cleanup dialog.

Note that 32 bit version of ODCUT does install on 64 bit Windows, however, the tools will be unaccessible (they get installed in WoW region). You need to use 64 bit installer to be able to use ODCUT in 64 bit Windows.

Note that server versions of Windows need to have "Desktop Experience" feature installed to use Windows Disk Cleanup Utility (see discussion).

The Open Disk CleanUp Tools has following cleaners:

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