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Installing ODCUT

The installation of ODCUT is just as simple as following an installation wizard. You just download the installer for the language and platform you are using and run it (eg. by double-clicking on it). After the installer initializes, you will be greeted by the setup wizard.
Welcome Screen
To continue, click "Next". On the next page you are presented with a license agreement (GPLv2).
License Screen
Once you have read the agreement, you can agree to it by ticking the box "I accept the terms in the License Agreement". If you do not agree to the agreement, you can cancel the installation by clicking "Cancel" and confirming the cancellaton. If you did agree to the agreement, clicking on button "Next" will take you to the feature selection screen.
Components Chooser Screen
In here you can customize the installation by selecting the cleaners you would like to install. Clicking "Next" will get the installer ready to install ODCUT.
Ready Screen
Clicking "Next" will begin the installation. Once the installation is finished, the installer can be exited by clicking "Finish". The tools are now ready for use from Windows Disk Cleanup Utility.
Finished Screen

Uninstallng ODCUT

You can uninstall ODCUT by running the same installation package you used installing the tools or by opening "Add-/Remove Software" and choosing to uninstall (or Change) Open Disk CleanUp Tools. An uninstallation or maintainance wizard will guide you through the process.

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